About Me

I’m Alyssa Ence.

I married the love of my life in May 2011 and we are currently pursuing life full force and enjoying every minute of it.
I have been doing photography since I was a junior in high school and have found my true passion in it ever since.
I have worked at Life Touch Photography, and have been taking pictures on my own now for about 3 years.
I look at photography as a necessity, because so many photos bring back so many more memories and feelings that are irreplaceable.
It’s capturing that little moment of magic that you can never get back, but truly holding onto it forever.
I would be honored to share the little moments that you want to cherish with you, and capture them to the best of my ability.

Silly Facts:
love being at home with my husband.
Currently we are addicted to Vampire Diaries!
I love pickles & ice cream {and no, I’m not pregnant!}
I would love to own my own cheer gym someday, or coach again…
I’m about 5′ even.
I love rainy days, but crave the sunlight!
{Can’t wait for kids, yes, I am baby hungry too!}
I love football.
Look forward to working with you!

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