The {Galovan} Family

I was so excited to capture this cute family! They are from all over, and their parent just recently moved to St. George. They have never been to the DIXIE rock before, so I thought it would be great getting some of them there. They absolutely loved it! They were so much fun to capture.



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CHS {Cheerleaders}

I was so excited to capture the Cedar High Cheerleaders. It was such a great opportunity and the girls are all absolutely stunning. We got to go up to the SUU Cabin and it was freezing, but they were great sports.


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The {McFarland} Family

I¬†absolutely¬†loved meeting this family! Charise is a student at my work Paul Mitchell so I’ve gotten to know her and see her mom now and then when she comes in, but I was really excited to meet all of her family. They are from Washington so they really wanted the Dixie red rock for their back ground. These pictures turned out stunning. Aren’t they just an adorable family?!